Grays Tuition Centre is here to help pupils gain confidence and self esteem to

reach their potential by achieving the best grades in their exams. imperdiet.

Our Aims

Our focus is on the traditional teaching methods, where our tutors are available to offer help on all the core subjects at school delivered by teacher to student rather than from machines >more

"The team at Grays Tuition Centre are keen to provide us with regular feedback and offer us valuable advice on how to sustain our children's interest at home too."



Ofsted Registered


Help with childcare costs towards the cost of your child's tuition fees.


Grays Tuition Centre is now registered with OFSTED as an activity based childcare premises


Childcare vouchers

If your employer issues you Childcare Vouchers then you may use them to pay for tuition. This means you can save 30% or 40% in tax and national insurance.


Childcare element of working tax credit

Also if you are eligible to receive Childcare Element of Working Families Tax Credit, then you can get help to claim up to 70% of the tuition cost back as childcare payments. This will bring the tuition cost down to as little as £3.00 per hour!

Contact your employer or the Tax Credit Helpline for more information.

Maths, English & Science Tutor Vacancies - Send your CV to info@graystuitioncentre.com


11+ Course

Preparing students for Essex, Kent, Bexleys & other grammar school entrance exams


We cover all subjects including Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning depending on the type of entrance exam.




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